The Discovery

I fell in love with books when I was in first grade. Before that, books were stories and pictures that were pretty cool–but a lot of stuff in this world was cool to me at the time. But one day, I was actually reading a vintage school book from my mother’s collection by myself, and suddenly, from those fragile, dusty pages, little Alice and Jerry came to life! From that moment on, books became my constant companion.

Several years later, girls came to life for me, too, albeit in a completely different way! I had my first heartbreak in 8th grade, although I really did not understand what had happened, or even comprehend that the strange, foreign word “lesbian” could apply to me. Eventually I figured it out, of course, but I had my fair share of confusion and back-lash.

Fast forward about 17 years. One day I was browsing through an online book store when I did a search for lesbian. I didn’t have anything particular I was looking for–I was just curious about what I would find. And I hit the jackpot! A few of the books were lesbian romance. I had seen plenty of straight romance books before, had even read a number of them, but had never quite understood their appeal. But with women? Romance books featuring two women? Now I could see the appeal of that!

I spent too much money that day, and then in turn spent the next several months with every spare moment tucked into stories of women falling in love, women making love, and women binding their lives together.

Those are the stories I want to write, to share with other women who see the world through a lens like mine. Stories lesbians can fall in love with.


I first started this segment as just the second entry in my blog. However, I think I am going to add it to my “About” page as well.


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